Nina Stangl
Professional Photographer


It all started with the famous hint with the fence post or to put it better with a brain hemorrhage. The stress of life and the eternal unattainable goal to be “perfect” in all aspects of life, led me to have to step down for some time and find a hobby to relax: Photography.

What started as a hobby very quickly became my passion and a huge part of my life.

Photography is my passion. I love to create images that stand out, tell stories and invite you to linger. Whether the images are for my clients, my family, or solely for me, each image tells its own story. And will evoke emotion in the viewer.

As a professional photographer, my focus is on food photography. This is also where everything started. This is also where everything started. I come from the gastronomy and self-employment, so I know what it takes to stand out from the crowd. I have the urge to make every dish as perfect and delicious as possible for your guests.

Professionalism, determination and the pursuit of perfection is what distinguishes me and my work.
In me, you will find someone who listens and perceives the individuality and the story of the customer, and his company and reproduces it in pictures. The reproduction of stories in pictures and thus triggering emotions in the viewer is what I strive for.

The goal of each of my shoots is to create “pictures that sell”, because the satisfaction of my clients is my top priority.

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